We offer the following products


Drafting patent applications, and conducting the procedure to grant in any country of the world. Further, we conduct opposition proceedings to European patents of your competitor or assist you in opposition proceedings when a European patent of yours is opposed.

Patent portfolio management

Managing a patent portfolio to us means taking your administrative burden away, discussing strategy, timely providing portfolio overview, and face to face discussions and advice. Transparent, engaged.  

Infringement advice and infringement procedures

We are experienced in consulting both a patentee as well as an accused infringer. If possible and desired, we try to come to a deal, but we also know how to take cases to court, and winning them. We always conduct litigation with experienced IP lawyers.

IP Audits

We can perform an IP audits for a client’s portfolios, but we can also evaluate third parties portfolios. IP audits are custom-made products and obtained via a strategy, defined in close collaboration with the client.

IP workshops

We are used to training both experienced patent attorneys as well as educating students in the noble art of patents, opposition, patent infringement and IP in general.