European and Dutch patent attorney
Ruben van Heck (PhD)
European and Dutch patent attorney UPC representative

Ruben van Heck studied Molecular Life Sciences (BSc) and Bioinformatics (MSc, cum laude) at Wageningen University. Hereafter, he continued at the same university for his doctoral studies at the Laboratory of Systems and Synthetic Biology. His PhD research regarded the use of mathematical models to describe, study, and re-design the metabolism of micro-organisms. He continued his PhD research during a directly following post-doc. As of November 2017 he works at EDP Patent Attorneys.

Since 2023 Ruben is also a registered representative for the Unified Patent Court (UPC) following Rule 12.1 of the Rules on the EPLC, also known as the “Grandfather Clause”.

Expertise as patent attorney
Ruben is a European and Dutch patent attorney at EDP and is involved in projects for SMEs, universities and multinationals in the fields of biotechnology, life sciences, circular economy, chemistry and physics.

Ruben is a natural problem solver and enjoys puzzling and strategizing. He has a genuine interest in innovation and sharing knowledge and diligently studies all aspects of his cases in order to devise the best options with and for his clients.

Publications and Memberships
Ruben is a co-author of twelve publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals. During his academic career, he regularly shared his research via posters and oral presentations at conferences

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